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Healthy Connections only uses supplements that have been third-party tested and are free of contaminants. We work with Metagenics and Fullscript to provide these high-quality supplements, which can now be ordered through our site! Our team would have provided you with an email invitation to create an account through either of these supplement companies. If you have not received an invitation from us, please reach out to Heather at heather@healthyconnectionshr.com, or call the clinic at 541-716-5786.

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Fasting Mimicking Diet

Interested in fasting but not sure where to begin? There are a myriad of ways a person can fast. If done correctly, fasting offers great benefits to our health. On the other hand, it is very easy to take things too far and end up harming our metabolic processes or experiencing severe symptoms. Before starting any fast, be sure to talk with Dr. Jeff to be sure you are a good candidate. We also provide support and guidance to ensure a safe and health-benefiting fast. Healthy Connections has partnered with ProLon to offer a medically-supported Fasting Mimicking Diet for our patients.

ProLon provides the nutrients, soups, and supplements you need for a 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet. These kits are mailed directly to your home and can be purchased below. The Fasting Mimicking Diet, designed by Dr. Valter Longo, supports longevity by reversing the cellular damage brought on by aging and disease. It is “mimicking” because it allows your body to enter a fasting state while still being provided with the precise nutrients it needs. Learn more about the Fasting Mimicking Diet here.


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