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Clinic Response to COVID-19:

Effective November 16, 2020, for the time being, we strongly encourage our clients to schedule a virtual visit to minimize movement and exposure for everyone. If you do need an in-person visit, please complete this form the morning of your visit.

Your health and safety is our priority. Thankfully, our virtual telehealth visits run smoothly and effectively, and we look forward to connecting with you using Zoom meetings.

Office Hours by Appointment Only:

Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – noon, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Fridays for Primary Care
9:00 am – noon


If you have not yet received your Flu Shot, please reach out to schedule an appointment. Evidence shows the flu vaccine offers some protection against the SARS Co-V2 virus.

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Perimenopause Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

Plus 5 Healthy Ways to Relieve Your Symptoms


This Free Guide Discusses:

  • Signs and symptoms of perimenopause
  • Healthy Ways to Relieve Perimenopause Symptoms

Level Up Your Immune System Program

COVID Prevention and Support

Are you concerned about getting COVID-19 or are at increased risk? Or perhaps you suspect you have it (or actually do have it and want to avoid going to the hospital)? If any of this describes you, then check out our new Level Up Your Immune System Program!

Watch the video to learn more about what’s included in this guided program. Also check out a description of the program and how to get started, here!

Why Healthy Connections?

We can help find the missing pieces for your personal healthcare puzzle!

After 20+ years of practicing traditional Internal Medicine in an increasingly challenging healthcare system – and suffering his own mysterious, unremitting symptoms- Dr. Jeff Horacek knew there were pieces of the healthcare puzzle that were missing for many of his clients (and himself). He saw too many people who – despite strong motivation and dedication to resolve their health conditions – simply did not improve. When he discovered the exciting research and practice of Functional Medicine and a systems-biology, root-cause, holistic approach to healing, he knew this provided the answers to these previously un-resolvable cases! He wanted to open a clinic that not only helps clients improve their overall health, but also provides healthy connections, hope, empowerment, and personalized lifestyle practices to continue their progress for the rest of their lives. 

What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

Healthy Connections has a team approach, with an integrated MD – Counselor- Functional Lifestyle Educator Team to support your whole-person wellness.

Our Unique Approach to Improving Your Health

Healthy Connections staff brings decades of experienced healthcare through our unique and effective approach to collaborative, holistic care.

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

We practice medicine with a Functional, root-cause resolution approach. Learn how, and why, we feel it is so important.

Meet Our Team

An integral part of Healthy Connections’ approach is a collaborative relationship between our providers and our clients. We serve as your guides, helping you create the health you envision.

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