Kirsten Chesney, M.S.

Kirsten Chesney joined the team at Healthy Connections as a functional nutrition specialist in summer of 2018. It is her passion to empower people to attain their highest standard of health. Kirsten uses her functional medicine training to address the root cause of symptoms by customizing treatment plans specific to each patient. Treatment plans consist of specific and actionable recommendations in areas of whole food nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplemental supports (vitamins, minerals, or enzymes to the degree needed).
Kirsten appreciates the whole-person approach and customized care that is seen in functional medicine. She recognizes the importance of treating the upstream causes of disease rather than its downstream effects (aka symptoms). This is what makes functional medicine an ideal way to achieve optimal health and vitality.
Kirsten first learned of functional medicine after struggling with multiple health concerns for 25 years. She has visited dozens of specialty doctors throughout her childhood and early adulthood before finally meeting a physician trained in functional medicine. Through his dietary recommendations, Kirsten found relief from her health conditions in just a few short months! The astounding effect this had on her life emboldened Kirsten to change course in her career and pursue an education as a functional medicine nutritionist.
In her spare time, Kirsten seeks out opportunities to explore the world around her. She enjoys long mountain hikes, landscape photography, rock climbing, camping, and any kind of travel.

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