Christina SprouleChristina Sproule

Christina has been a health advocate in the Hood River area for over twenty years.
She has worked as local Physical Therapy Clinic as a PT Aide. A lifelong learner; in 2002 she was accepted into a specialized Rehabilitation Pilates Practitioner program through Polestar Institute, a program geared toward physical therapists. This course offered a broader science, anatomy and evidence based curriculum than the traditional Pilates methods. She started the first Pilates studio in Hood River and currently works at Shine Movement Therapy. She incorporates a variety of tools to support and challenge each individual to restore movement, reduce pain and re-educate the body and promote all over well-being.

In 2009, Christina moved to British Columbia to raise her beautiful daughter, Freya, and has recently returned back to Hood River. She has always been interested in whole body health, mindfulness, and whole- food healing. After receiving treatment for breast cancer in 2010 she understands the issues that we face as as patient and the care and support that people need while healing.

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