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At Healthy Connections, we are constantly building our collection of products that support your health, healing, and immune system. We are delighted to share with you the products and partnerships we are using and how each of them supports your healing journey. We are affiliate partners with some of these companies and affiliate links are located on some of the following pages. We may receive commissions when you click these links and make purchases. This does not impact our endorsement for these products, as we only recommend products and programs that we have personally vetted and have successfully used ourselves.

First Line Therapy

Our staff at Healthy Connections is certified in the delivery and management of a therapeutic lifestyle modification program. This 12-week program is called FirstLine Therapy and is designed by Metagenics. The program walks you through a modified Mediterranean diet tailored to fit your caloric needs and activity level. We establish a baseline, help you design and track weekly SMART goals, provide a food list with number of servings per day, and create a weekly menu plan.

FirstLine Therapy is a treatment plan that addresses chronic disease without the use of prescription medication. This makes it stand apart from the conventional medical approach. First Line Thereapy creates a manageable healthy lifestyle plan that gives you power over the causes of illness. It improves total body function as well as the inflammatory response, diabetes, insulin resistance, and cardio-metabolic factors. Click below to learn more!

First Line Therapy


At Healthy Connections, we have an InBody machine in our clinic. This is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight. The machine looks like a weight scale with handles but it measures so much more than your weight! With the InBody test, your body weight is categorized according to muscle, fat, and water composition. After the test, we give you your InBody Result Sheet for you to take home!

Knowing your body composition through our InBody machine allows you to accurately calculate your caloric needs, individualize your workout routine, and assess which aspects of your body weight need to be addressed. Not only does InBody give a current snapshot of body composition, but it also remembers you and tracks your progress each time you use it!

Our InBody machine is open for use to the community. We charge $25 per use or $70 for a package of three uses. Call us today to begin your body transformation!

Why is body composition and how can it help your health?

The InBody test

ProLon-Fasting Mimicking Diet

Healthy Connections has partnered with ProLon, a 5-day program that walks you through a fasting mimicking diet (or FMD). The FMD combines the benefits of fasting but without the uncomfortable hunger pangs and fatigue. This 5-day diet allows your body to enter a fasting state while still being provided with the precise nutrients it needs. Calculating these nutrients is a daunting task, but ProLon does the hard work for you! They provide all the tools and food you need to be successful during your fast, mailing you five boxes (one for each day), of energy bars, soups, various snacks, drinks, and supplements.

Check out the following resources to learn more! And if you’re reading to dive-in, contact our clinic for a special order code!

What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

Benefits of ProLon

Blog: ProLon and The Fasting Mimicking Diet (contains affiliate links)

Level Up Your Immunity Program

Healthy Connections is proud to announce the launch of our new immunity program! This one month program is for those who are at risk for contracting COVID 19 or who have already been diagnosed. Click below to learn more!

Level Up Your Immunity

Nutraceutical Grade Supplements

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