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Jeff Horacek, MD and his team care about you and your unique biology. We focus on your life, your concerns, and your hopes for your future as we care for your health. Our Precision Primary Care membership gives you the access you want to both expert Internal and Functional medicine in one place, from one team, in one beautiful healing place on the waterfront.

Jeff Horacek, MD is honored and excited to bring his blend of Internal and Functional medicine to the community of Hood River, the Columbia Gorge, and the greater Portland metro area. We say he feels honored, because caring for individuals’ primary health needs has been a privilege for him for over two decades now. He truly values the trusting relationships he forms with his patients as well as with local colleagues, viewing his daily work as an act of service. We say he feels excited because integrating Functional Medicine, with the option of using personalized genomics, cutting-edge lifestyle medicine tools, and a team approach makes this primary care practice unique and a much-needed contribution to the rapidly-changing world of medicine.

Dr. Horacek is accepting new patients for this Direct Primary Care, or Retainer Medical Practice. 

Direct Primary Care is what it sounds like – a Direct relationship between YOU, the person seeking medical care, and WE, the people providing the care. We leave the insurance companies out of the equation. However – you are able to use your insurance for labs, imaging, prescriptions, etc. (We strongly recommend people maintain a health insurance plan for speciality care, emergency care, and other large expenses that can arise.) This kind of direct medical care allows Dr Horacek to limit his practice to 400 patients, vs the typical primary care caseload of 800-1,000 patients. This model truly supports the healing relationship, giving more time and personalization to each interaction.   If you are curious about this growing movement of Direct Primary Care practices around the country, please review the following links:

Direct Primary Care Coalition

NBC Nightly News overview of Direct Primary Care

TEDx talk on Direct Primary Care

If you are frustrated by the current system of health care (or disease care) that you currently receive, please call our practice at 541 716 5786 to  see if our practice is a good fit for you.

Fees and Payments:

  • $95 registration fee; $95/month, paid via our secure online membership portal, Hint Health.
  • Option to pay full year in advance for 10% discount, total fee $1,026/yr).
  • Family and spouse/partner discounts of 10% for each additional household member participating in the DPC.
  • Dr. Horacek is licensed to practice adult medicine and can treat individuals 18 and older.

Precision Primary Care Membership Brochure


  • Patient may terminate their Retainer Medical Agreement at any time and for any reason.
  • The Practice requests thirty (30) days notice of intent to cancel membership.
  • The Practice will refund the prorated portion of the Retainer Fee based on Anniversary date and Payment Plan.

The Department of Consumer and Business Services issued a certification to this practice. You can contact consumer advocates at the Department of Consumer and Business Services at (888) 977-4894,, or

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