For those of us with SIBO, it can be really frustrating to figure out which foods and ingredients trigger symptoms and which don’t. Even while following a low FODMAP diet plan, and avoiding all the wrong foods, some of us still have symptoms. We just can’t pin it down!

If this describes you, you might consider the fillers and other ingredients found in the supplements you take. These same ingredients are also often found in gluten-free products and in nut milks. The problem with them is that, although they are always in small quantities in these items, they can still wreak havoc on our bodies and cause symptoms.

Most of these will be familiar to you and you may have already avoided them in your regular diet. It is worth the extra effort to ensure they are not hidden inside your supplements as well. Check out these ingredients and see whether any of them have snuck into your home uninvited:

 Acacia
 Beta Glucan
 Guar gum
 Locust bean (or carob)
 Xanthan gum
 Mastic gum
 Pectin
 Seeds: flax, chia, or hemp
 Psyllium
 Bran
 Beta glucan
 Maltodextrin (especially above 450mg). Not to be confused with dextrose, which is glucose and is okay.
 Tapioca starch
 Potato starch
 Arrowroot starch
 Corn starch
 Inulin
 FOS (fructoligosachharides)
 GOS (galactoligosaccharides)
 MOS (maltoligosaccharides)
 Arabinogalactan (a common component of gums)
 Alginate, algal
 Carrageenan
 Agar
 Maltitol
 Sorbitol
 Mannitol
 Xylitol
 Erythritol (this is the best tolerated of the sugar alcohols)
 Agave
 Lactose
 Fructose
 Sucrose (table sugar)
 Sucralose
 D-Mannose
 Chondroitin Sulfate
 Glucosamine Sulfate
 N Acetyl Glucosamine
 Glucomannan
 Mastic gum
 Mucilaginous Herbs: Aloe vera, licorice, marshmallow root, and slippery elm

If you find that several of your usual food staples or supplements come with any of these ingredients, experiment with avoiding these foods and supplements for a couple weeks. Not everyone reacts to these ingredients in the same way. Some will react heavily to a small amount while others only react with larger amounts. This is why experimentation is key. As always, when avoiding a food item, look for alternatives that do not contain those ingredients. To avoid certain ingredients in your supplements, use the team at Healthy Connections as a resource to help you find an alternative.