Anxiety and depression are the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. and affect 18% of the U.S. population, which is about 40 million adults (National Institute of Mental Health). Most people turn to medications without realizing the benefit that can be had from better nutrition and the right supplementation.

The article below discusses eight vitamins and minerals that can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, while providing a number of other key health benefits:
–Vitamin D
–Omega 3 fatty acids
–Vitamin B12
–Vitamin C

These nutrients can come through whole-foods or as supplements. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, see what a nutrient-rich diet can do for you. After all, these nutrients play a critical role in brain health and most people are not getting enough through their diet.

To learn more – “8 Vitamins and Minerals that Can Ease Depression and Anxiety” – by Brent Wells