Life used to be an ebb and flow between stressful times and times of relaxation. However, the 21st century has quickened the pace of life so that each day is a string of “busy” activity. Are we able to interrupt this endless stream of activity? Yes! Let’s take time for a thoughtful pause.

“A purposeful pause interrupts the fog that gathers when we’re on autopilot, pushing our way through the day. It’s not all that hard to bring about a break in the clouds and when we do, we can gain a new perspective on each moment.”

Forbes released an article with 3 helpful ways to begin your day that will help you slow down, and live in the present.

“Start your day with a drink” – of course they weren’t referring to alcohol, but instead a mindful cup of tea or coffee. This means, putting down any electronics and taking the time to sip your beverage and notice your surroundings.

“When we begin our day with this purposeful pause, we are intentionally engaging in a mini training of our mind to be present. We use our body’s sensations to keep us grounded in the present.”

“Use the Door” – meaning before entering a new space pause for a moment and reflect on your intentions for the day. This is a perfect place to pause and check in with yourself.

“These few moments of deliberately paying attention to your experience of arriving at work, of deliberately noticing whatever is there for you to notice, can help you feel more centered as you begin your day.”

“Resist becoming a Monday-morning quarterback” – is referring to not overloading yourself on Monday with meetings instead of prioritizing tasks that would help alleviate stress from the rest of the week. Often Mondays are focused on putting out fires, rather than setting the rest of the week up for success.

“When we spend most of our time putting out fires, we can’t attend to what is important—strategically or personally. It’s depleting and ultimately not sustainable.”

Learning how to be more present takes time! Be patient and kind to yourself while building positive habits along the way.

To learn more: “3 Ways to Jump-Start Your Day with Mindfullness Practices” Forbes