First Webinar: Thursday, May 7th at 5 pm PT

Dr Jeff, Heather, and Kirsten have teamed up with with physical therapy partner Bettina Bardin-Sorensen to bring you a video series for at-home Immune Optimization! 

Did you know…? 
–          Our immune system is constantly being created/updated
–          We program our immune system every day with our lifestyle choices: food, sleep, stress, movement, toxic exposure, thoughts, etc  
–          Certain markers make us more susceptible to disease and infection -and these are modifiable with lifestyle and targeted supplementation 
.  Here is a link to a great home test kit for people to get key markers of immune function while safe at home: 
You can go to this website and order your own at- home test kit looking at four key markers:  glucose, A1C, Vitamin D and high sensitivity C-reactive protein.  With these 4 markers, people can even more accurately assess their risk for immune function and it could give specific information to help guide them in their optimization approach. Dr Jeff is available for 1:1 visits to review your results if you do the test at home. 
Our free program includes: 
–          Live 60 min webinar with Dr Jeff and Heather covering a functional approach to immune optimization. This will be recorded and made available on Friday on our website or by email request
–          Recorded video by Kirsten Chesney, MS, Functional Nutrition Specialist demonstrating healthy phytonutrient rich food preparation and inspiring recipes for immune supportive cooking. 
–          Recorded video by Bettina Bardin-Sorensen, Owner, Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy – demonstrating simple at home exercises to stay limber and keep blood flow, muscle strength and flexibility as healthy as possible 

We are excited to offer this to our community. We feel there is not enough conversation in the media and mainstream medicine about all the benefits of nutrition, supplementation and stress reduction for immune health. This pandemic will be with us for a while, that part feels certain, and meanwhile – it is very empowering to do what we can to be as healthy as possible.