Do you ever feel stuck in anxious thought patterns? Or wonder why you can’t stop worrying? Our brains are truly hardwired to notice the dangers in life – the anxious live to “eat lunch, not BE lunch.” So it is in our best interest to notice things that can cause us harm. Problem with this, of course, is that we have become overly-stressed and don’t give our brains a break from worry and anxiety – leading to, or at least contributing to – a host of health problems.

Rick Hanson, PhD is the author of many excellent books to help us understand our brains and – more importantly – to work more skillfully with our natural tendencies, and build resilience and resourcefulness to meet life’s challenges. With “stress management” as a KEY pillar of care in our practice here at Healthy Connections, we wanted to share this great interview with you. Chris Kresser, host of Revolution Health Radio, is an innovator in the Functional Medicine world, and his conversation with Dr. Hanson offers practical tips to hardwire our brains for happiness, resilience, and health.

Hope you enjoy!

Revolution Health Radio Podcast Interview

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