Did you know that scientists suggest that Food Waste is the #3 contributor to global climate change?

Wow. How frustrating for those of us trying to eat more fresh food – which can go to waste so quickly. What’s a conscious (and health-conscious) consumer to do?

At Healthy Connections, one of our core values is to honor the connections between our planet and our health. This podcast interview with Dr. Mark Hyman and Kavita Shukla offers simple but profoundly helpful tips on how to make our fresh, healthy food last longer, and to help our planet from the increasing effects of climate change by reducing food waste.

“Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple. In an age where technology is ever-evolving and often responsible for the latest inventions, it can be easy to forget that even the most basic of ideas can add up to massive change. But it’s accessible, small steps that our food system needs now, more than ever, if we want to see a global shift. Food waste, in particular, is one of the biggest problems of our food system that desperately needs new solutions.”

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