Jeff Horacek, MD, Heather Nielsen-Horacek, LPC and the team at Healthy Connections Hood River are thrilled to partner with Bettina Bardin-Sorensen, PT , MSPT, CAFS and her team at Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy to bring a truly unique, comprehensive collaboration to YOUR health and well-being!

Our packages of care address and integrate your internal health, physical health, and mental health with our team of highly trained and experienced professionals: our Medical Doctor specializing in Internal and Functional Medicine, our Physical Therapists, specializing in functional and performance-based movement,,and our licensed counselor and wellness coach, specializing in lifestyle support and mind-body practices to help you reach your health goals.

What is the collaboration? Our team commits to connecting the dots of your health care, partnering to help you address many interconnected aspects of your body, blending our areas of expertise to be your wellness team!

Phase One: Initial Assessment Package of Care
– Comprehensive Functional Intake with Jeff (60 min visit at HCHR) – leave with preliminary plan of lifestyle
changes and advanced testing to gather more data for personalized treatment.
– Complete Physical Therapy Functional Intake (60 min at CGPT) – Leave with individualized, practical solutions for
improved structural integrity and physical strength and health
– Thorough Functional Follow-Up visit with Dr. Jeff (45-60 min) to review lab results and provide data-driven
recommendations and care plan
Cost: $650 (valued at $725)
Phase Two: Treatment Package of Care
– Personalized to meet your needs! 10 % off services at both clinics.

For our current patients at either clinic: As part of this partnership, you receive a 10% discount for cash-pay services at CGPT and all services at HCHR.
Interested? Please call us! Contact Heather at Healthy Connections: 541-716-5786 or Columbia Gorge

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine: 541-386-1211 for more information or to schedule your appointment!