At Healthy Connections, we use FirstLine Therapy to evaluate and treat even the most difficult health challenges that affect your physical and emotional well-being. We are committed to helping you harness your body’s natural resources so you can achieve the health and vitality you deserve by discovering the root cause of those health challenges.

We use a personalized lifestyle medicine approach by spending time with you, learning your history and investigating how genetics, the environment and lifestyle factors influence your present and long-term health, this includes comprehensive diagnostic testing, detailed patient evaluations, targeted nutrition plans, and sessions with our certified lifestyle educator to help you navigate and implement healthy lifestyle behaviors designed to support you!

Your personalized FirstLine Therapy program includes:

· A comprehensive health evaluation with blood work and bio-impedence analysis (BIA) body composition testing (with our InBody 570 machine)

· An individualized meal plan based on your clinical and personal health goals

· A First Line Therapy Certified Lifestyle Educator to work with you on dietary and lifestyle changes

· Medical foods to promote a change in your biochemistry to improve your metabolism: food is medicine

· Supplement recommendations to correct underlying metabolic and hormonal imbalances without side effects

· Personalized support at every step.

· Our program is designed to improve your underlying metabolic issues, reducing inflammation , improving cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors, improve body composition and reducing body fat.

· Our Wellness approach is deigned to focus on your individual needs by taking time to know and understand your unique physiology. The FLT program is physician-directed and combines clinical consultations with nutrition and lifestyle education. We also include exercise and stress management coaching because we know a sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress are two of the key contributors to health decline and disease. This 12-week program in which you enroll will incorporate much or all of the following:

· An initial appointment with the MD to establish preliminary treatment goals, create a plan for testing/assessment and a meeting with the lifestyle educator to help you understand the program and address any questions you have. At this visit you receive your FLT patient starter kit and begin to familiarize yourself with the program

· A follow up appointment with the MD when your lab tests are in; if you did not do the BIA body composition assessment at your initial visit, you will complete it at this visit

· Six bi-weekly visits with the Lifestyle Educator includes the following:

· Identifying your goals to help you reach your desired health outcomes

· Personalizing your FLT Program

· FLT Patient Guidebook

· Recipes and meal plans

· Medical foods

· Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Tools

· Two additional MD visits

· Two additional BIA tests to track progress


Customer Testimonials:

“Jeff and heather both took a personal interest in my particular situation , discussed lab results in detail and taught me how a lifestyle and diet change could be attained in a practical way. Blood pressure down 30 pts and weight down 75 lbs in 4 months! Thanks Healthy Connections and First Line Therapy!”  – D.E.


“I have been tremendously grateful to take part in the 12 week First Line Therapy. An excellent and comprehensive program, which helped me commit and embrace new and fulfilling wellness goals. Of course – I could not have done it without the exceptional support from my regularly scheduled appointments with Dr. Jeff and Heather. Their guidance was instrumental to my success! I highly recommend and encourage people to consider First Line Therapy and Healthy Connections!” – S. F