Diabetes Awareness Month

If you are living with Diabetes and would like some connection and inspiration, some of my friends and mentors are doing amazing things in the online space! Check it out!!

Embracing Diabetes – a sweet new podcast from two women with Type 1 DM – my dear friend Liz Stephens, MD/Endocrinologist, and author Amy Stockwell. (Incidentally, Jeff and I interviewed each of these women more than a decade ago for our podcast, Transforming Diabetes!). I love their podcast – it’s friendly, informative (I learned a lot about the Human Trial/diabetes research, about what the Behavioral Diabetes Institute has in the pipeline – CGM-based diabetes education – LOVE THIS, so real, so practical!) and short (less than 30 min for most episodes. About the time it takes me to prepare dinner – perfect!

TCOYD – Taking Control of Your Diabetes – two funny, smart endocrinologists – both with Type 1 diabetes – in clinical practice and research, deep in the ‘betes! – Drs Edelman and Pettus embody “edutainment”.  But their podcasts really do inform. I don’t have time to keep up with the literature in DM these days but I feel current enough thanks to their pods. Tune in! Also check out TCOYD’s website and calendar of events. Top Notch. The first conference I attended changed my life for the better – no exaggeration.  Look at their upcoming Diabetes Festivus event on December 10th.

Behavioral Diabetes Institute  – The BDI continues to innovate and educate in my favorite area of diabetes care – the psychological aspects.